Project background

SERIO project No. 2013-1-PL1-LEO05-37526 On-site construction employees’ occupational safety in Europe the enhancement and strengthening of their Health and Safety skills development by means of the creation of multimedia training, based on case studies with the use of contemporary devices, a two year project started in March 2014 and was finished on February 2016. The aim of the project was to develop a mobile application for H&S rules. The SERIO application is available for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones (Android OS). Source: Google Play.

The main aim of the SERIO project was to develop good H&S habits and behaviors in users.


The SERIO app would be used as an independent training tool or as a supplementary tool during mandatory H&S training.

The SERIO app provides non-formal learning by presenting H&S issues in a more attractive and comprehensible manner for construction staff.

The SERIO app focuses on messages based on graphics, pictures, signs and photographs etc., rather than concentrating on written text and definitions. This makes it more understandable and accessible for representatives of other countries who are not involved in the project.

In order to make the application as relevant to actual practice as possible, there was a strong emphasis on using real photographs and materials.

The SERIO project addressed the following objectives:

  • the creation of an application allowing quick and easy understanding of H&S issues
  • the creation of a training methodology adapted for  the application including e.g. pictures, voices, animations, and short movies
  • the improvement of  H&S practice on building sites across Europe
  • the enhanced mobility of the labour force in the European Union.

The SERIO application is strictly focused on the construction sector. The information included in the programme is restricted to vocational knowledge and the practical application of H&S regulations. This kind of H&S training would significantly help users to improve their qualifications, mobility and safety at work.

The knowledge gained during the SERIO training might also have a significant influence in increasing the H&S competency of construction employees.